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2016-12-12 - 1:10 a.m.

i had the greatest day, today with you
nearly ran thru the wind
to make it to your house and
couldnt wait to see u
couldnt rush any faster
grabbed your breakfast on the way
fed you on a tray
breakfast in bed
coffee creamed and sugared to match the sky's dull grey

i had the sweetest day with you today
no rush to anywhere
no one to take us away
our bedded bodies, naked bones and bare
our skin danced upon by the open air
while we just lie there and enjoy it

and u ask what my perfect day would entail
from the moment i wake up, to when night turns pale
i thumb the smooth of your cheeks
and think it off
i couldnt really plan any more perfect
than the day we are in

its all so sweet and golden
feels like it cannibilizes it
to attempt to put it out in the middle of the road where
it will be run over
by passenger cars
riding the winding highways
"oh look over those meadows, dear"
and w/o notice
our fairytale world
is crushed under
the wheels of a driving car
to enthralled to see


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